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How can I get an application for Options Accessible Deer Hunt held at Rydell National Wildlife Refuge?

The 28th Annual Accessible Deer Hunt will be held October 12th, 13th, and 14th, 2023. 

Those interested in receiving an application can add their name to our listing by calling (800) 726-3692 or emailing randy@myoptions.info  

Options and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources are pleased to announce the 28th Annual Accessible Deer Hunt for people with disabilities.  This year's hunt will be a full venue twenty participant hunt.  To add your name to our applicant pool please call (800) 726-3692 or email Randy with your contact information, please include your full name, address, email address (if you have one) and phone number.  In August those people on the listing will receive a packet from which they can make application. 

See Options Hunt for further details or https://www.optionsoutdoors.org/events/75 

I would like to know about other deer hunts for people with disabilities?

Options Outdoor website lists local deer hunts people with disabilities can access.  Just go to www.optionsoutdoors.org and go to the events tab.  When the page appers you will see a map with pins that show the location of each event.  The pins show both hunting and fishing events unless you have filtered the page to only show one or the other.  Once the map is up you can use the pin to navigate to a page that explains each hunt by clicking on the pin and then clicking "more information" when a description box comes up.  From the map page you can also scroll down a listing found below the map and open the selection which interests you.      

I would love to start a deer hunt for people with disabilities how would I do this?

Options would be glad to assist you in starting your own hunt.  We have a great deal of information we can provide you along with sample forms you can have.  Just call Randy, (800) 726-3692.

Do you have a listing of available hunts I can participate in?

If you go to www.Optionsoutdoors.org and navigate to the events tab you can see various hunts listed with discriptors.  You can also follow these links to go directly to their web pages.  

Deer Hunts for people with disabilities